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Welcome to Cornerstone  Chiropractic
Our office is dedicated to providing wellness and health to the people of our community.  We specialize in Rehabilitative Chiropractic Care, not temporary fixes or "band-aids".
So whether you are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, rehabilitating an injury suffered on the job, battling a chronic illness or disease, or just maintaining your spine for a lifetime of wellness, you will receive a personalized program that will suit your situation.

A Health Information Source
This website is for you.  Here you will find information about our office, our services and programs, and the people you will meet in our office. 
Unlike other health related websites, the health messages on our site are not stock articles that have been paid for their use.  They are messages directly from Dr. Whitemarsh.  They are in response to the questions he receives regarding chiropractic and general health and each contain his personal touch as your family's chiropractic doctor.

Your Right To Be Healthy
In the world of healthcare today, each patient has a right to become well in the manner which is most congruent with their body's healing capabilities.  Chiropractic and other alternative forms of healthcare continue to have critics (most often in the medical community) who would have us think that time-honored, man-made chemicals are not only the best path to health, but the only path to health.
So many try to deter your right by pointing out would-be flaws in alternative care (amazingly side-stepping the topic of iatrogenic death in medicine -accidental death caused by medical error consistently resides in the top 3 leading causes of death in America).
Fortunately, today's patient is becoming more self-aware of what is healing and helping, and what is covering up or hindering.  The fact is that your visit to a chiropractor should be part of your health routine, one that should include visits to your dentist, massage therapist, physical therapist, eye doctor, or other healthcare provider as needed.
Complete Rehabilitative Care
for the Tri-Cities Region
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