Auto Injury

Why Should I See a Chiropractor First?

There is no such thing as a little accident. Studies show that if one vehicle going 5 mph hits a stopped vehicle, enough force is produced to cause muscle damage. Never let the amount of damage to your vehicle determine in your mind the extent of your injuries; they are not directly related. There are few human experiences that take a similar physical toll on our bodies as an auto accident. Everyone who has been involved in an auto accident should be examined for injuries as well as probability for future disability.

Unless you see exposed bone, lose consciousness, or think you may be experiencing life-threatening symptoms you should stay out of the Emergency Room. Here are a few reasons why the Emergency Room should not be your first stop:

The Emergency Room Your Medical Doctor Cornerstone Chiropractic
Estimated Wait Time Who knows? Expect 2-4 hours before your are seen. Could be a couple of days...up to one month!  We can see you today!
Will I Consult with a Doctor? Unless you're bleeding uncontrollably or can see exposed bone...not likely. Eventually, for a couple of minutes. Immediately! Your FREE consult is with the doctor and your entire exam is done by him.
Will they take x-rays? Probably No...Most MD offices don't have X-Ray. They will send you to a different facility. Yes! Our office is Equipped to take the appropriate post accident X-Rays
How Much Will It Cost Me? (How much of my PIP insurance will be lost as a result) Average visit of this type will cost you a minimum of $1,000. Expect cost to reach $2,000-$3,000! Varied. Remember, you will be sent out for some services.Expect to pay between $500-$1,000. Oh by the way, many MD offices won't deal with your auto insurance. They will bill you directly! Your consultation is FREE! The examination, X-Rays, and your complete Report of Findings (not available in the ER) is $405 of your PIP.
If needed, what Treatment will be given? Unless your injuries are immediately life-threatening, you will receive advice for home treatment and will likely be referred for treatment. Muscle relaxers and pain killers for temporary relief of symptoms. Then (if you're lucky) a referral to a chiropractor. A complete rehabilitative care plan to fix you now, and stop any permanent damage. Click HERE for more details!

Why Is Rehab Care So Important?

Many people wonder why their bodies start to feel so old while they're so young. The fact is, your body was built to last a very long time. The problem is that when we hurt ourselves, we often take whatever pill, potion, or lotion that will mask the pain. We never actually fix what went wrong and slowly and quietly our body degenerates and these old injuries cause lasting damage.

The rehabilitation care offered at Cornerstone is a unique type of care that follows the healing laws of your body. It utilizes chiropractic, massage, stretching, exercising, and other therapies to bring your body back to its pre-injury condition. We also show you how to keep it that way and optimize your health so that future injuries will be of less detriment.

Only by properly rehabilitating your injuries can you be sure that there are no longterm complications or disabilites. Your body will stay healthier longer, and you will find that while everyone around you gets older and slower, you can keep your body working at peak performance.

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